Friday, February 20, 2009

This cake was a groom's cake and an unbelievable cool replica of a stadium in TN. Excellent combined effort by all. It was carved from 2 full sheet cakes, with some fondant accents. All cake except for the entrance gate. Was it ever heavy. WOW. Looks even better in person.


Dyer said...

I ordered this cake for my groom. My groom graduated from UT with a law degree, but any UT fan would love this cake. I drove 2 hours from Nashville the day before the wedding to pick it up. The cake arrived unharmed and perfect. I deceide on this cake because of the amount of detail and this was the most beautiful UT themed cake I found. All the Nashville bakers were charging more than twice, most three times as much. And the Nashville bakers cakes were not as detailed. I loved this cake! It was well worth the drive. Flavors were perfect. The cake not only looked good but tasted good. It was the hit of our wedding reception. Guests were gathered around the cake the whole time. Thank You Piece of Cake Bakery!!! Very Professionally Run Business!
Dyer Johnson

Bill said...

This cake was for our son and daughter-laws wedding reception on Feb. 21, 2009. My wife and I took some pictures of Neyland Stadium to Piece-a-cake and they made this fantastic piece of art. They made this cake and had never seen Neyland Stadium other than the photo's. I made a picture of it after they delivered it and with the black background, it looks just like Neyland Stadium after dark. It was the hit of the reception and was very tasteful.