Saturday, September 27, 2008

In May of 2008 we moved to the 9298 Apison Pike location. It's just down the street from the former location (turn left out of the Crossroads Plaza parking lot, then right at the light (Apison Pike), pass the Dollar Tree on the left, pass the Library, look for the 1st Tennessee Bank sign and turn left into the driveway. We are in the beige building in between the Bank and LifeCare Center.


anna said...

Hi my name is Anna and I just wanted to say your cakes are beautiful. I have been decorating cakes for a while now but I could never imagine being that good! I wish I could work with such talented artist!

Wendy said...

I agree with Anna!

Also, I design and develop websites, so if you ever think about getting a website, I can help you with that. Or if you want to make your blog your site, I can do a design for that as well!

I am from Cleveland, Tn., so I am a neighbor!!

LeAnnG said...

I have a picture of a cake I would for my daughters 1st Birthday. Do you have an email I can send it to?


Kylie said...

I have a picture of a cake I want for my daughters First birthday. Do you have an email I could Send it to you to see How much it would cost to make?

Piece-a-Cake Bakery said...

Kylie, sorry, we don't have an email address. If you can bring it by the bakery we can advise you on price and sizes. Thanks!